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Quickcoderz is a full-stack digital agency with all the specialists required for the effective and efficient creative process from scratch.


& Culture

Since our formation in 2017, Quick Coderz has operated by hiring only fresh talent instead of experienced candidates from the industry with a preset mindset.
We have repeatedly refined our processes over the years so that they consistently run like clockwork to ensuring they consistently deliver reliable results, and have stayed ahead of the curve with the latest technologies to make sure that we continually exploring new possibilities and pushing our boundaries of what’s achievable in our field.
we value the importance of enjoying our work, celebrating milestones, and supporting each other like family. Whether it’s sharing laughs over lunch, overcoming challenges together, or cheering on each other’s achievements, our team is united by a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual respect.
We encourage individuals to invest in each other’s development, sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences to help everyone thrive. By nurturing these connections, we build a community driven by shared goals and aspirations.
Together, we commit to supporting each other’s career journeys, celebrating achievements, and providing unwavering encouragement through challenges.
We are united by a strong set
of values and the drive to deliver
positive, enduring change.
Meet The Team
Aman Pathak

Frontend Developer

Gagandeep Kaur

Shopify Developer

Anshpreet Kaur

PHP Developer

Deepak Jha

Front End Developer

Manjeet SIngh

Full Stack Developer

Heena Sharma

Full Stack Developer- CEO & Co Founder

Gourav Sharma

Business Consultant – CTO & Founder

Richa Kukreja

Business Consultant – COO & CO Founder

Bhawna Chauhan

WordPress Developer


WordPress Developer


Graphics & Web Designer

Kamalpreet Singh

Web Developer


A mix of high engineering culture and INDIAN rates provide an opportunity to make solutions for small and medium-sized businesses affordable. You can scale the team, regardless of geolocation. 

At quickCoderz, we use a strategic approach that allows you to avoid overspending. We do not say to save with us. We say do not overpay too much. Due to transparency, we achieve the effect of your real presence in our working process. 

As we are in the heart of INDIA, we are easy to talk and to work with.We care. We will develop the project so great that you don’t want to make changes. Since we are small, we do not pursue quantity; we value quality and end results. We do not forget about the client after the completion of the development and are always ready to help with professional advice.

The team was always very proactive and responsive since the beginning. They showed to be genuinely interested in the project and involved in my brand by suggesting changes and sharing their ideas with me. Communication and cooperation with them were top-notch. they is very easy to talk to, and takes...
This team was incredible to work with. They met every deadline we asked and did so in a professional manner. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for website developers. they are the best and I will be using them again.
This team adhered to the schedule and completed the project very satisfactorily. They have very good knowledge of the work and highly skilled. It was a pleasure to work with QuickCoderz, highly recommended!
Tem of Quick Coderz was quick to make a mock up of the site update. they brought good ideas of her own, and worked until all the details were perfect. Very helpful advice when I crashed the site while updating PHP in the middle of the project... Happy with the...
Heena is a true professional and does quality work with even when we provide minimal instructions. We would love to continue working with Heena.  
Amazing deliverables..Thanks for all the hardwork. They helped us move from traditional to webflow based website which is super good, nice and clean, simply amazing .
Francesca Paschetta
Francesca Paschetta
Colin Phelan
Colin Phelan
Colin Phelan
Helen Ginsberg
Helen Ginsberg
Helen Ginsberg
John Handwerk
John Handwerk
Handwerk Acupuncture
Ryan Freeman-Jones
Ryan Freeman-Jones
Papaya Secvise
Nazar Abdul
Nazar Abdul
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